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Premium Dry Figs Anjeer Raw Superfoods 2 Kg by Anjani

Premium Dry Figs Anjeer Raw Superfoods 2 Kg by Anjani

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Premium Anjeer also known as Fig is rich in fiber content. Dry Anjeer should be incorporated into the daily diet as they have potassium and other essential minerals, which can help regulate the blood pressure. Dry Figs Anjeer is a good option of snack at home or at work. Sukha Anjeer are loaded with nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus that can help in maintaining good bone and muscle health. Buy Dry Anjeer in economical packs of 2kgs.
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Product Overview:

  •          Dry Figs Anjeer are nutrient dense and are rich in healthy fats, antioxidants vitamins and minerals.
  •          Just soak 1-2 Sukha Anjeer overnight in water and take it with milk or juice. This will provide for your daily dose of fibre, calcium      and iron.
  •          These Premium Handpicked Anjeer will help in weight management.
  •          Anjeer or Figs will help in enhancingendurance and energy.
  •          Sukha Anjeer is a must have snack for women to fight anaemia due to blood lose.
  •          Dry Anjeer is a rich source of fibre, calcium and iron and is a powerhouse of minerals like zinc, manganese and magnesium.
  •          Dry Figs Anjeer are a good source of many enriching vitamins and minerals and they contains zero trans-fat and zero cholesterol
  •          Anjeer promotes healthy digestion and bowel movement as it improves metabolism.
  •          Anjeer Figs are known for their pain reliever qualities. 

Product Specification:






Option 2:

2 Kgs Anjeer

(4 Packets of 500 gms Anjeer )

Content of the Pack

4 Packs of 500 gm each (2 kg)

Country of Origin


Shelf Life

6 Months

Parcel/Product Weight

2 Kgs Anjeer 

Disclaimer: Product shown in the picture is only for representation and information purposes. There can be slight difference in actual product delivered.