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Gas Stove and Burner

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Pick Any 1 Electric Hot Plate Cooking Stove

Electric coil hot plates are available in two color options. The Electric Cooking Stove runs on a 1250-watt concealed heating element and features high thermal efficiency that saves electricity consumption up to 50%. It has a lightweight, compact design and can be easily carried on traveling picnics, and camping sites. Electric Cooking Stove is a popular alternative to traditional gas stoves and provides a convenient and efficient way to prepare meals. It is compatible with all types of metal utensils and has a powder-coated stylish body. It is totally environmentally friendly and doesn't cause any smoke or exhaust gas while cooking. It can be used for cooking naan, chapati, boiling eggs, curries, vegetables, and more dishes.
₹ 2,000.00 ₹ 899.00