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ESCOBAR Beard Wash For Soft and Smooth Beard (50 ml)

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ESCOBAR Beard Wash For Soft and Smooth Beard (50 ml)

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Escobar Beard Wash is designed with gentle sulfate free surfactants that aren’t drying and are filled with multiple beard and skin conditioning agents. This specially prepared Color Safe fragrance free formula will be the difference in cleansing and conditioning your beard. A foaming action was added to upgrade its performance and bring you back to a time when cleaning was fun. Its first step in crafting a better you in Beard Care. Beard wash that promotes an all-round enhancement of your beard. Biotin content in our beard wash makes a huge difference by improving the skin's Keratin. Rub it to get a nice soapy lather and massage well on your beard and skin underneath to remove all the dirt and dead skin cells.