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Khadi Organique Red Onion Hair Care with Free Rose & Honey Body Wash Combo

Khadi Organique Red Onion Hair Care with Free Rose & Honey Body Wash Combo

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Khadi Organique is Organic & Ayurvedic Hair Care Combo.Get rid of all kind of hair related Problems like Hair Fall , Dandruff ,Frizzy Hair ,Baldness . Made of Red Onion Ingredient. No Harmful Chemicals & No Parabens Used .Red Onion is Perfect for Damaged & Unhealthy Hair. Red onion oil helps in maintaining the pH level of the scalp. This also helps to improve circulation and stimulates hair growth. Applying red onion oil helps nourish the scalp and makes the hair stronger. It is enriched with antioxidants, which boosts hair volume and adds a shine to your tresses. Order this Natural & Organic Red Onion Hair Care Combo at Lowest Price.
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Content of the Pack 

Red Onion Hair Cleaner ( 200 ml ) 

Red onion Hair Conditioner (200 ml ) 

Red Onion Hair Oil (100 ml ) 

Hair Serum (50 ml) ) 

Free Rose & Honey Body Wash 



  •         Ayurvedic & Organic
  •         Natural ingredients Used
  •         Free Rose & Honey Body Wash
  •         Easy to Use
  •         Made of Red Onion
  •         No Chemical Used
  •         Perfect for Hair Fall & Damaged Hair
  •         No Parabens

 Red Onion Hair Cleanser & Conditioner Benefits

Keratin Protein Booster

Nourishes Hair & Anti-Hair Loss

Rich Anti-Bacterial Properties

Promotes Collagen Production

Arrest Premature Greying & Baldness

Makes Darker, Longer & Thicker Hair

Rich in Vitamin C & Antioxidant

Remove Excessive Dryness & Dandruff

Red Onion Oil Benefits

Increase Blood Supply to Your Hair

Minimize Hair Breakage & Thinning

Repair & Renew Damaged Hair

Reduces Frizzy & Rough Hair

Restore Lost Nutrients to your Scalp 

Almond Hair Serum Benefits

Control Hair loss

Stimulate Sebum Production

Makes your Hair Healthier & Shiny

Remove Rough & Frizzy Hair

Keratin Replacement

Strengthen Hair From Roots 

Rose & Honey Body Wash Benefits

Hydrates the skin

Maintain Skin pH Balance

Reduce Redness

Remove Excess Oil & Dirt from Skin Pores

Moisturize your Skin

Anti-Aging Properties

Tighten Pores

 Purify & Smooth Your Skin 

Country of Origin: India