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Nita Kitchen Fruit Juicer With Chopper & Sipper & Free 4 Kitchen Tools

Nita Kitchen Fruit Juicer With Chopper & Sipper & Free 4 Kitchen Tools

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Shop now an amazing collection of kitchenware. Fruit & Vegetable Juicer is a high-quality juicer.This fruit juicer gives more juice and less pulp. Plastic fruit juicer gives the original fruit taste & healthy juice. Non-Electrical & Leak Proof Juicer Combo comes with Plastic Fruit Juicer, Chopper, 2in1 Sipper with Free Grater, Kitchen Lighter, Peeler, and Knife.Get a Healthy Lifestyle with this plastic fruit juicer. Made from food-grade Virgin Plastic. Value for Money Deal.
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Freshly Squeezed Juice in Seconds with a Plastic Fruit Juicer:

If you love fresh juice but don't have the time or energy to manually squeeze fruits, a manual fruit juicer can be a great investment for you. This handy kitchen gadget can quickly and easily extract juice from various fruits, including oranges, lemons, limes, and more.

This manual fruit juicer is made from high-quality and food-grade materials, ensuring that your juice is safe and healthy to consume. It's designed to be compact, lightweight, and easy to use, making it perfect for home kitchens, offices, or even travel.

Simply cut your fruit using this plastic hand fruit juicer and just place the fruit on top of the fruit juicer. Then, run the handle like a sewing machine to extract the fresh juice. The juice will flow into the container below, while the pulp and seeds will remain in the fruit juicer. The juicer also comes with a strainer to ensure that your juice is free of pulp and seeds.

With a manual fruit juicer, you can enjoy freshly squeezed juice anytime you want, without the hassle of manual squeezing. It's perfect for making orange juice in the morning, lemonade in the afternoon, or cocktails in the evening. Plus, since it's made from plastic, it's affordable, durable, and long-lasting. Order your manual fruit juicer today and enjoy the convenience of freshly squeezed juice in seconds!


  •         7Pcs Kitchenware Combo
  •         Juicer Combo Comes with Chopper , Sipper , Lighter , Peeler , Grater , Knife
  •         Kitchen utility combo
  •         Drink Fresh & Healthy Juice with this Juicer
  •         Chopper can be used for Tomato & Onion Chopping
  •         Food Grade Plastic
  •         2 in1 Sipper can be used for Milk , Juice,  Chaach , Water
  •         Vacuum Base in Juicer for Easy Operation
  •         Juicer can be used for Fruit & Vegetable Juice
  •         Value for Money Deal 


  •         Package Contents: Pick Any 1 Juicer + Chopper + Sipper with Free Lighter + Grater + Peeler + Knife
  •         7Pcs Kitchenware Combo
  •         Fruit & Vegetable Juicer
  •         Pick Any 1 Color ( Juicer ): Blue or Green
  •         Food Grade Plastic
  •         Highly Durable
  •         Easy to clean
  •         Get Healthy Juice with this Juicer
  •         Ideal as a gifting option

Package Contents: Pick Any 1 Juicer + Chopper + Sipper with Free Lighter + Grater + Peeler + Knife 

Country of Origin: India

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