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NutriGlow Raw Irish Coffee Body Cream

NutriGlow Raw Irish Coffee Body Cream

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NutriGlow raw Irish coffee body c will seep-in the layers of skin quickly and will eliminates dryness and dullness, leaving your skin intensely moisturized, healthy, and radiant. For soft, smooth & long-lasting hydration try NutriGlow raw Irish coffee body cream.
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Manufacturer: Nutriglow

NutriGlow Raw Irish coffee Body Cream Overview:

A perfect blend of all essential nourishing ingredients to keep your skin super hydrated, nourished and glowing with health. Loaded with the good ness of, coffee beans, aloevera, honey, yogurt and different minerals and vitamins. Hydrolysed milk will enhance the production of collagen that is very important for cell rejuvenation. Other active ingredients will give deep nourishment and vitalise for a visibly healthier and younger looking skin.


Raw Irish coffee Body Cream Specification:

Hydrolysed milk protein – Loaded with the goodness of hydrolysed milk protein that deeply nourishes and moisturises the skin. Amino acids from milk will keep the skin healthy and soft.

Perfect blend of vitamins – Coffee is loaded with antioxidants, milk gives the essential amino acids, Vitamin C, B and E and other skin friendly nutrients will give a healthy boost to your skin every time.

Cocoa Butter and Aloe Vera – Deep nourishment and hydration will keep the skin’s elasticity perfect. The texture and tone of the skin will be improved with regular use.

Item Details:

Manufactured & Packed by: NutriGlow

Shelf life: 36 Month from Date of Manufacturing

Item Weight :‎ 200 gram

Package Content: 1 NutriGlow Raw Irish coffee Body Cream

Country of Origin: India