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Panchvati Herbal Fruit Facial Kit For Women For Glowing Skin

Panchvati Herbal Fruit Facial Kit For Women For Glowing Skin

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Enriched with fruits like pineapple, apple, carrot, cucumber, papaya, red raspberry, avocado, peach Vitamin C boosts collagen production which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This fruit facial kit has many antioxidants that boost the skin's radiants and revive the skin. Beta carotene present in carrots works as an antioxidant, that helps to repair cell damage and protects your skin from sun damage by targeting the cell tissues. It also helps in fading blemishes and dark spots on the skin. Perfect for any age group. Ideal for Gifting option
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Content of the Pack 

6 Steps Fruit Facial Kit 

Fruit Cleanser (40gm)

Fruit Scrub (40gm)

Fruit Massage Cream (40gm)

Fruit Peel Off-Mask (60gm)

Skin Shiner (25gm)

Face Serum (25gm)




Fruit Vinegar 

Restore the Natural pH balance of Skin


Papaya Extract 

Faded Pigmentation & Dark Spots


Peach Extract 

Anti - Aging Properties



Rich in Anti-oxidants

Rich in Vitamin A&E

Stimulates Collagen Production


Olive Oil

Hydrates & Moisturize the Skin 



  •         Natural
  •         Reduce all skin Problems
  •         No Chemicals
  •         Nourish the Skin
  •         Brightens the Skin
  •         Exfoliates
  •         For all Skin Type
  •         Remove Dirt & Tanning from the skin
  •         Enriched with Fruits 


Country of Origin: India