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Set of 8 Pcs: Moon Pichkari Tank, Fruit Gulal, Herbal Gulal, Balloons, Self-Sealing Balloons, Holi T-Shirt by Darling Toys

Set of 8 Pcs: Moon Pichkari Tank, Fruit Gulal, Herbal Gulal, Balloons, Self-Sealing Balloons, Holi T-Shirt by Darling Toys

₹ 999.00
₹ 3,999.00
₹ 251.00
  • Assorted Moon Astronaut Pichkari Tank
  • Assorted Organic Fruit Gulal : 175 Grams
  • Assorted 2 Herbal Gulal : 50 Gram Each
  • Assorted 111 Balloons
  • Magic Gass
  • Assorted Self Sealing 100 Balloons
  • Kids T-Shirt ( Assorted) : 6 to 10 yrs standard size
  • Cash On Delivery Available

Product Description 

Moon Pichkari Tank 

A colourful innovative designed pichkari with easy to carry specially designed backpack tank for the lovely kids.The adjustable straps and ergonomic design of the backpack enable it to be easy fit for the children as per best of their requirement and comfort. 

Holi Magic Balloons-Auto Fill & Tie 

A Revolutionary way to cut out wasted time, frustration and sore fingers by not having to fill and tie Water Balloons one by one 

Fruit Gulal 

NEON COLOUR - Neon colours are bright colours that appear to glow woth intensity.Nonetheless it is common for vivid colours of flourcent liightings

FRUIT GULAL - Completely handmade fruit Gulal is formulated as per natural fruit fragrances, neon colours and edible ingredients

Used for the typical Hindu rituals, in particular for the Holi Festival

Made of Starch Herbs - 100% Natural / External Use Only 

Magic Holi Glass 

Description - Magic Glass is a new conceptualized product for this Holi made in India. Surprise your friends with this uniq colour changing magic within the seconds where plain water will convert into a random colour.

Each glass will produce one colour of water. So, this festival adds magic & make it more colourful by taking different Magic glass.

How to Use:

(1) Pour normal water into the magic glass.

(2) Within a few seconds the water becomes coloured water automatically.

(3) You can repeat the activity again & again with same glass.

(4) One magic glass made many glasses of coloured water.

Play this Holi with the Magical Glass.

Can be used for the Science fun activity & other celebrations.

Each Glass produces up to 25 Litres of colourful water without added any colour.

Completely made with food Colours & High-Quality paper.


Do not drink coloured water. If happens, consult doctor immediately 

Herbal Gulal 

Safe For Skin,Eco Friendly


Blended With Herbs,Non Toxic

Non-Edible Product,Eco Friendly,Silky And Soft

For External use Only,Made Of Starch,Herbs Natural & Permitted Food Grade Ingredients 

Product Detail 

Brand : Darling Toy

Category : Kds ,Toys,Games

Moon Pichkari Tank Material: Plastic

Pichkari Tank Color : Multi

Pichkari Tank Capacity: 2 litre

Battery Required: No

Age Recommended: 36 months to 17yrs

Fruit Gulal & Herbal Gulal Material : Starch

T-Shurt Material: Polyester

T-shirt Pattern : Graphics

T-shirt Sleeve : Half

T-shirt Collar : Round

T-Shirt Size : Standard 6yrs to 10 yrs

Magic Glass Material: Paper

Magic Glass Color : Assorted

Self Sealing Balloon Material: Plastic

Self Sealing Balloon Color : Multi 

Additional information 

Manufacturers: V.G.Marketing Pvt Ltd

Importer & Packer : V.G. Marketing Pvt Ltd

Weight : 1300 grams

Dimensions: 26×40×17 Centimeters 

Cash on Delivery 

Disclaimer : Non returnable 

Country of Origin: India