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SHIZEN Moisturizing Green Tea & Hyaluronic Face Cream/ Day Cream / Brightening/ No Parabens /Tightening (50 g)

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SHIZEN Moisturizing Green Tea & Hyaluronic Face Cream/ Day Cream / Brightening/ No Parabens /Tightening (50 g)

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“Purified, healthy skin starts with right skin care regime” Get visibly clear skin in no time! Green Tea and Hyaluronic are the powerful ingredient your skin desperately needs. Infused with the purifying properties this lightweight Day Cream unclogs blocked pores and detoxifies them, inhibits the growth of bacteria and soothes skin. Adding to that, it imparts hydration, moisturizes skin and provides in-depth nourishment, leaving your skin soft, supple and radiant. So, what’s the wait for? Say hello to bright beautiful and youthful skin and goodbye to unwanted impurities Why Should You Add Shizen Green Tea & Hyaluronic Day Cream to Your Skincare Routine? Does your skin feel flakier and more sensitive than usual? Does it get easily inflamed? Is it too sensitive, too dry, or too oily? If you are going through such questions, then your valuable skin is really seeking some pampering. Without any further ado, let’s introduce you to Shizen Green Tea & Hyaluronic Day Cream. This product is ideal for all the above-unwanted skin problems. Our product can be used by both men and women to enhance their inner beauty and go confident. People do deal with Pigmentation quite often; hence, we make sure our product protects you from harmful UV Rays and tanned skin every time you step out. This product has been made using the mildest ingredient; thus, it is safe for the most sensitive skin too. Most importantly, we have chosen to add only the best organic content like Green Tea Powder, Patchouli Extract and Pea Extract to enhance your beauty and make your skin bright, glowing, and radiant. You can definitely add our Day Cream to your daily skincare routine to get radiant, glowing, purified skin all year round. We would love to share with you that all our products are clinically tested on humans with patch testing to ensure no product causes any harm and allergy.