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SHIZEN Retinol & Vitamin C Facial Serum /Lightening/ Brightening (30 ml)

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SHIZEN Retinol & Vitamin C Facial Serum /Lightening/ Brightening (30 ml)

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“Energize your skin every day with Retinol & Vitamin C” Want to wake up to radiant and glowing skin? We heard you! Shizen Retinol & Vitamin C Serum infused with the goodness of brightening and whitening properties like Turmeric Powder, Honey Extract, and Walnut Extract is one step ahead in letting you achieve clear, radiant, purified, and hydrated skin. Want to dive deeper? This incredible product understands how valuable your skin is, hence; keeps you away from unwanted bacteria and dirt. Having said that, it moisturizes and soothes the fine lines, boosts collagen, and increases cell turnover, ultimately reversing the signs of aging and lets your skin breathe freely and happily. So, what’s the wait for? Grab this budget-friendly Serum and make your way for younger-looking glowing skin Why Should You Add Shizen Retinol & Vitamin C Serum Your Skincare Routine? “Glowing, hydrated skin starts with healthy skincare routine” Do you wish to add products to your skincare regime that can do wonders to your skin but worried about whether it suits your sensitive skin or not? Well, your concerns are genuine. Hence, keeping this in mind, Shizen has brought Retinol & Vitamin C Serum made with only organic and mildest ingredients. Thus, it is safe for the most sensitive skin too. Our product is ideal for both men and women to enhance their inner beauty and go confident. People deal with discoloured uneven spots, scars, breakouts, itchiness, blemishes, pigmentation quite often. Hence, we make sure our product protects you from harmful UV Rays and tanned skin every time you step out, and it also keeps unwanted skin problems at bay. Most importantly, we have chosen to add only natural ingredients; Turmeric Powder, Walnut Extract, and Walnut Extract enhance your beauty and make your skin glowing, radiant, and hydrated. You can pamper your skin with our Retinol & Vitamin C Serum as part of a regular skincare regime after cleansing your face with Shizen Green Tea Face Wash