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Stainless Steel Dinner Set of 61 Pcs by KIARAA

Stainless Steel Dinner Set of 61 Pcs by KIARAA

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Jumbo offer of 61Pcs Stainless Steel Dinner Set. Perfect for Six Family members. 200 series Stainless steel used in Dinner set. Rust Proof Stainless steel Dinner set . High Quality & Durable. Total weight of Dinner set is 7Kg.Perfect for Gifting
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Content of the Pack 

  • 61Pcs Dinner Set  
  • 6Pcs Dinner Plate
  • 6Pcs Quarter Plate
  • 6Pcs Vegetable Bowl
  • 6Pcs Dessert Bowl
  • 6Pcs Chutney Bowl
  • 6Pcs Tumbler
  • 6Pcs Spoon
  • 6Pcs Fork
  • 4Pcs Serving Spoon
  • 3Pcs Serving Bowl with Lid
  • 3Pcs Puri Box
  • 1Pc Jug
  • 1Pc Rice Plate
  • 1Pc Rice Serving Spoon 


  •         Food Grade Stainless Steel
  •         61pcs Stainless Steel Dinner Set
  •         Rust Proof
  •         200 Series Stainless Steel
  •         Durable
  •         3Pcs Serving Bowl : 650ml Capacity each
  •         3Pcs Puri Dabba : 250ml , 500ml , 750ml Capacity
  •         1500ml Steel Jug
  •         Elegant Look
  •         Perfect for 6 Family Members
  •         Good for gifting
  •         Look Royal on Dining Table 


  •         Package Contents: 61Pcs Stainless Steel Dinner Set
  •         200 series Stainless steel
  •         Total Weight of Stainless Steel Dinner Set is 7Kg
  •         Food Grade
  •         Highly Durable
  •         Easy to clean and maintain
  •         Ideal as a gifting option

Package Contents: 61Pcs Stainless Steel Dinner Set 

Country of Origin: India

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