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Dr.Wart - Wart Remover Gel - Natural, Safe & Effective

Dr.Wart - Wart Remover Gel - Natural, Safe & Effective

₹ 399.00
₹ 599.00
Get rid of unwanted warts & skin tags with Wart & Skin Tags Remover.Its Natural , Effective & Safe to use. Warts & Skin tags will remove in few days. feel the skin difference after using this wart & skin tags remover.it will remove all warts & skin tags quickly & effectively.Ideal for men & women.
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  •         Natural
  •         Remove Warts & Skin Tags Naturally
  •         Fast & effective results
  •         Visible results in few days
  •         No Pain
  •         No Cuts
  •         100% Safe
  •         It will remove skin tags & warts quickly
  •         For all Skin Type
  •         Easy to use


How to Use Wart Removal Cream

  •       Wash the affected area with mild soap and water to remove any dirt or debris.
  •       Clean and dry the affected area
  •       Apply a small amount of the gel directly to the wart & skin tags 
  •       Wash hands afterward
  •       Be patient, and discontinue when the wart is gone


Country of Origin: India