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Plain Cargo Jogger Pant with Pockets for Women

Plain Cargo Jogger Pant with Pockets for Women

₹ 349.00
₹ 759.00
₹ 51.00
  • Look classy in Cargo Pants with pockets!
  • These slim and skinny-fit Cargo Pants are the best pick for women.
  • This style of cargo pants for women is in trend these days.
  • These slim-fit cargo pants have a tapered hemline that gives a perfect fit and comfortable grip.
  • This women's cargo pant is a perfect choice for college-going girls.
  • The skin-friendly fabric will keep your skin cool and breathing all the time.
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Seller: VK Enterprises

Cargo Joggers Pants for Women: Combining Style and Functionality

Cargo joggers pants have become a popular choice among women who seek a blend of comfort, style, and functionality in their everyday attire. These versatile bottoms, also known as cargo pants or cargo joggers, offer a modern twist to the classic cargo pants design. With their unique features and trendy appeal, cargo joggers pants have become a wardrobe staple for fashion-forward women. Cargo joggers pants are designed to provide a relaxed and casual look while incorporating the utility-inspired elements of traditional cargo pants. They typically feature a loose yet tapered fit with an elastic or drawstring waistband, offering both comfort and style. The jogger-style cuffs add a touch of modernity and allow for easy movement. Cargo joggers pants come in various colors, patterns, and fabrics, allowing women to express their individuality and personal style. 

Cargo Pants are Known for Comfort and Durability

Comfort is a crucial factor when choosing any type of clothing, and cargo jogger pants excel in this aspect. The relaxed fit, soft fabrics, and elastic waistband offer unrestricted movement and a comfortable fit throughout the day. Whether running errands, traveling, or engaging in outdoor activities, cargo jogger pants provide the freedom and ease of movement that women desire. Cargo joggers pants are typically crafted from durable materials like cotton twill or nylon, making them resilient and long-lasting. These sturdy fabrics can withstand everyday wear and tear, ensuring that your cargo pants remain in great condition for an extended period. Their durability makes them a practical investment, as they can withstand various activities and retain their shape and quality over time.

Women Cargo jogger pants for women bring together style and functionality in a single garment. With their versatile design, ample storage pockets, and comfortable fit, these pants have become a favorite choice for modern women. Whether for casual outings, travel adventures, or everyday wear, cargo joggers pants offer a fashionable yet practical solution. Embrace the trend and experience the perfect combination of style, comfort, and functionality with cargo pants tailored to suit the modern woman's lifestyle.





Manufacturer - VK Enterprises Delhi Delhi - 110053 India
Packer - VK Enterprises Delhi Delhi - 110053 India
Item Weight - 43 g
Item Dimensions LxWxH - 12 x 9 x Centimeters
Net Quantity - 1


Product Specification:




Slim Fit Cargo Joggers for Women, Skinny

Colours Available

Yellow - 28, 30, 32

Dark Green -28, 30, 32

Black - 28, 30, 32

Dark Blue - 28, 30, 32

Grey - 28, 30, 32


Lycra Blend Soft

Wash Care

Machine Wash


Yoga, Jogging, Zumba, Dancing, Cycling, Biking, Walking

Content of the Pack

1 Pair Jogger Cargo Pant

Origin of the Product