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Control Diabetes with Ayurvedic Karela Jamun Powder

Control Diabetes with Ayurvedic Karela Jamun Powder

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  • 13 Ayurvedic Herbs
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Suwasthi Karela Jamun Powder: Control Diabetes Naturally. Due to the combined qualities of its two primary constituents, bitter gourd (karela) and Indian blackberry (jamun), it provides a variety of health advantages. The following are a few of this Powder's main advantages: 1. Diabetes Control, 2. Digestive Health Support, 3. Weight Control, 4. Immune System Boost.

How Does Karela Jamun Powder Help Diabetes?

Karela jamun powder a natural health supplement is created by combining the two strong components bitter gourd (karela) and Indian blackberry (jamun). The major benefit of karela and jamun powder is that it can help with blood sugar control. For people with diabetes or those attempting to control normal blood sugar levels, Indian blackberry and bitter gourd both have properties that boost insulin sensitivity and secretion. This Karela Jamun powder has been shown to improve digestive health in several studies. The bitter gourd promotes the release of digestive enzymes, improves digestion, and lessens constipation. Indian blackberry, on the other hand, contains astringent properties that can be used to get relief from diarrhoea and other gastrointestinal problems.

Karela Jamun Powder's Natural Solution.

One of its key benefits is that Karela and Jamun Powder may successfully treat diabetes. It is thought that bitter gourd's hypoglycemic properties might control blood sugar levels. It contains polypeptide-p, a compound that functions as a regulator of the body's glucose metabolism and resembles insulin. Jamun, on the other hand, promotes the release of insulin and raises insulin sensitivity to help with better glucose control. This Powder can control blood sugar levels, reduce insulin resistance, and to get relief from diabetes-related issues when used regularly. The two key ingredients of karela jamun powder, bitter gourd (karela) and Indian blackberry (jamun), have both been demonstrated to have anti-diabetic properties. The bitter gourd compound polypeptide-p has insulin-like characteristics and decreases blood sugar levels. Jamun, on the other hand, improves glucose control by raising insulin sensitivity and encouraging the generation of insulin.

Karela Jamun Powder Ingredients 

13 Ayurvedic Herbs

 karela, Jamun Seeds, Gurmar, Tulsi,Giloy, Ashwagandha, Vijaysar, Shilajeet, Fenugreek Triphala, Harad, Baheda, and Amla

Key Ingredients Benefits

Karela contains 5-hydroxytryptamine, charantin, diosgenin, lanosterol, and betasitosterol.

The fruit and seeds yield polypeptide insulin called as p- insulin, alpha and beta glycoproteins which are beneficial for Sugar

Jamuns Contain several medicinal Properties

It’s a rich source of antioxidants, calcium, phosphorus, and flavonoids

It also contains other nutrients like sodium, thiamine, riboflavin, carotene, fiber, niacin, folic acid, protein, and fat

The seed of jamun can be powdered and consumed by people with sugar. 

Karela Jamun Powder Benefits

Lowers cholesterol levels

Helps control blood sugar levels

Detoxifies the liver & whole body

Assists in liver cleansing and supports liver health

Supports digestive health and helps to keep the intestines in good shape

Boosts your immunity

Reduce swelling in hands & leg

Reduce joint pain & gives instant energy to your body

Cleanses your Bowel

Enhance your Overall Health

Get relief from common skin issues including acne and enhancing skin health